A Night at the Museum: Explorers Go All In!

An Auction to Benefit The Museum School

Grand Artists

Each year local artists pair up with our students to create amazing art pieces for the auction.  Please meet the artists and get a sneak peak at their plans for these collaborations:

Kindergarten/1st Grade: Kindergartners and First Graders have teamed up with local artist Brandon Allen to bring you a one of a kind, 6 foot 3D magical garden. Each student provided a flower to plant in this whimsical piece. Preview of the art to follow, learn about the artist below.

ba2About the Artist

Raised in Montgomery Alabama, Brandon Allen, socially known, as Hobo Ink brings you Abstract Realism of Current Cultural Events via an explosion of vibrant colors and heavy contrast between light and dark. This young King is recognized for his larger than life paintings, black/grey highly detailed tattoo’s, and edgy hyper-focus photo/videography.

The self-taught “super creative” is inspired by the late great artist, Dali and the late great photographer Gordon Parks. His favorite mediums to work with are oil and aerosol, however, he is known to use multiple mix mediums on any given piece. He is currently working on opening his first art exhibit/experience in 2020. Follow him on Instagram at hobo_new_ink.

2nd Grade: Emerging artist and 8th grade TMS student Ayodeji Adekeye led the second graders in creating a painting inspired by the “Ineffable” spirit of our Explorers. Preview of the art will be available soon.

3rd Grade: Inspired by the upcycled art along the River Arts District in Asheville, NC, artist Bridget Seelinger will work with the 3rd graders to create a one-of-a-kind decorative chandelier/mobile. Each student will contribute a piece to incorporate of their design inspired by the question: “If you could have any wish in the world granted, what would you wish for?” A preview of the art will follow, please read below to learn more about the artist.

bsAbout the Artist

My name is Bridget and I am a passionate artist and creator who lives in Avondale Estates. Ever since I can remember, my brain has always worked differently from those around me. I see the world in a different way and I’ve found that people really like seeing my interpretation! I don’t stick to one type of art, or one medium. I dip my hands into all different kinds of things. I enjoy writing, painting, knitting, interior decorating, and just crafting in general. I work full time as a nurse in the ER at Emory University Hospital and have found that art is the perfect way to de-stress after a long day at work.

4th Grade: The fourth graders swam in an ocean of creativity when they were paired with local artist Lisa Shinault to create a stunning multimedia fish painting. Each student contributed a fish designed to show their creative spirit and Lisa expertly turned them into a stunning piece worthy of a gallery. Preview of the painting to come, please read below for more information about the artist.

LSAbout the Artist

Lisa Shinault (aka LiShinault) creates story-like works of grace and somber beauty. She primarily paints small to large-scale works across a variety of media that include mostly feminine figures and animals. Iconic imagery, naïve art, and paper dolls are major influences. The “Difficult Women”, an ongoing theme was inspired by her mother who was left widowed to raise three children. The “Difficult Women” theme features missing parts which are replaced by other means in the figures, representing how difficult life can be when one must replace something ‘lost’ in order to get by. Her ‘in process’ paintings are often selectively cut apart, then sewn or glued together to form new juxtapositions, thus allowing freedom and endless excitement for her in the studio.

Lisa uses a ‘blend’ of her first and maiden name for all things regarding her artwork. She is often referred to as LiShinault (with a silent ‘T’) at the end….pardon the pretentious nature of this! Lisa currently lives in Decatur, GA., where she shares a home-based studio with her musician/writer husband Will Fratesi.

5th Grade: Local artist Frank Tee is collaborating with the 5th graders to create an amazing Graffitti Art 1962 Vintage Gibson Guitar. Inspired by the the idea of “simply to do and smile” each student has created a sticker designed to bring a smile to your face. Frank has taken these designs and incorporated them onto a vintage guitar for a one-of-kind creation you are sure to love. Preview of a sticker is below, please read more about the artist.

portrait-of-artist-the-real-frank-tee-by-shawn-vinson-wAbout the Artist

The Real Frank Tee is an artist whose work was birthed out of The Old Towne Cinema in Avondale Estates. His work has been described as “somewhat surrealist interpretations of the familiar juxtaposed with a red flower, whose work is as comforting as it can be jarring.” He does not easily claim the title artist, but more so states he likes nice things and nice people which inspires his work. He describes his work as “fun. Really, it’s whatever makes me happy. I’m not sure if it fits in or not but it’s colorful, fun and open.”

Each piece brings about that feeling of fun and openness he references, with accents of color that will take you on a journey. The combination of color and content not only pulls the eye in but sparks emotion and a thoughtful experience for the mind every time.